Integrated Smart Solution

Integrated Smart Router IR-10

 The new Integrated Smart Router IR-10 is a rack-mountable manageable router with integrated Firewall, VPN, Bandwidth Manager, Endpoint Antivirus Anti Malware features, it has 4 GbE ports for high performance connectivity and a 1 GbE port for management.Integrated Smart Router IR-10 is powered by Intel Processor J1900 – 4 Cores , giving you wire speed performance for all sixteen 1 GbE ports with any Ethernet frame size. New features such as hardware-based Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) and Link Aggregation (LACP) provide enhanced protection and true professional performance for your demanding network.

The unit has 12V/5A Open power and passive cooling case for hot environments, like outdoor communications boxes. Two redundant fans will automatically keep the system cool if needed.

Integrated Smart V-SAT IV-10  

Integrated Smart V-SAT IV-10 uses Ka-band technology and spectrum. Because the satellite antennas concentrate the spot beams for frequency reuse, the resulting beams are also high power – resulting in availabilities between 99.1% and 99.9% (depending on the location of the service and the size of the user antenna). Such availabilities are entirely suitable for internet services and in many places exceed the availability of terrestrial networks or even mobile networks.